ANTG Journal Club

Every Tuesday, 10:30-11.20 am in Guthrie 075

This quarter we will do a structured class loosely based on Pickles in the first quarter, to make sure everyone has a basic core knowledge. I’m hoping a faculty member who is expert in that area will lead the class each week.

Your role as students is to actually read the relevant readings. You will be given a set of questions which may be asked of you in class.

The faculty member will start the class answering any questions you have about the chapter, and asking you questions about the chapter. We will not be going over the chapter in detail, since we are assuming that you will have read it.

The faculty member will then give a brief lecture covering additional material, with a focus on methodology. The idea is that at the end of the brief hour you will have the basic knowledge you need to understand a lecture on that topic.

Autumn Qtr 2017

Date: October 3.

Date: October 10. The Physics and Analysis of Sound & The Outer and Middle Ears Instructor: KC Lee

Pickles, Chapter 1 & 2


Date: October 17. The cochlea

Instructor: Jenny Stone

Pickles, Chapters 3, 4, 5


Date: October 24. Sub-cortical pathways [Bill Spain]

Pickles, Chapters 6, 8.


Date: October 31. Cortex 

Instructor: Ione Fine

Pickles, Chapter 7.


Date: November 7. Auditory psychophysics and performance, low level

Matthew Winn

Pickles, Chapter 9.


Date: November 14. Sensorineural hearing loss

Instructor: Olivia BerminghamMcDonogh

Pickles, Chapter 10.


Date: Nov 21. No class


Date: November 28. Cochlear implants

 Julie Bierer

Reading TBD


Date: December 5.  Speech: Matt Winn

Reading TBD



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